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As broke school college students, it may be grueling to permit ourselves to splurge on luxurious beauty skincare merchandise, particularly when tuition and books are on the forefront of our minds. However who stated broke college students can’t get hold of radiating pores and skin on a funds?

The Aztec Healing Clay mask has been one of many solutions to my skincare wants. With a worth of lower than $eight for 15.5 ounces on the Goal web site and dubbed “the world’s strongest face masks,” in line with Insider, this masks additionally has radically cleared even essentially the most cussed of zits.

I have tried several skin care masks, from drugstore to high-end and as someone who has had a long battle with acne and oily skin, this mask has significantly improved my skin.

After only a few uses of this product, my skin began to improve. My biggest skin issue is skin texture caused by clogged pores, but this product has been able to improve my skin texture to reveal a smoother complexion.

One of the most difficult skin issues I have experienced was the aftermath of suffering from acne, where awful acne scars were left behind. This mask has notably improved the discolored pigmentation on my cheeks due to my acne scarring and has made my skin tone more even.

This transition in my skin has led me to wear less makeup, which is something I was unable to do prior to being introduced to this product. I also find that weekly uses of the face mask has decreased the amount of oil production on my face, allowing my skin to maintain its new clear complexion.

Not only does this mask work well with oily, acne-prone skin, but it is also helps with dry skin as well. My boyfriend, who has dry skin and does not struggle with acne, also finds benefits to the mask.

As a mechanic, he often comes home with a dirty face, which can potentially lead to clogged pores and blackheads. But this product has significantly decreased the amount of blackheads on his face.

Due to the strength of this mask, it is crucial to note the importance of following up with a moisturizer. In my experience, using this product too often may irritate the skin, so it is best to use it as advised.

To use the mask, simply scoop out a teaspoon of the powder into a bowl, then mix it with equal parts of either apple cider vinegar or water. After mixing the ingredients into a smooth paste, evenly apply the mask on problem areas and leave it on for five to 20 minutes before removing with warm water.

It is best to do this skin care routine at night, because the mask will leave a temporary red glow on the skin. The redness lasts approximately 30 minutes before fading and unveiling impurity-free skin. Results from this mask can be apparent after only a few hours.

You can add a lavender essential oil to the mask which will help with both relaxing and relieving headaches and stress. After washing off the mask, there is no greasy or uncomfortable film left on the skin, which is something that typically occurs with face masks.

With its cost efficient price point, the Aztec Healing Clay mask retails for approximately 52 cents per ounce, and can be used for up to 93 times if used as directed.

Whether your skincare concerns include cystic acne from the stress of homework, or aging from sleepless nights studying for exams, the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask has been a quality product for me that has fulfilled my skin care needs.

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