Hair loss treatment: Apple cider vinegar shown to reduce breakage and boost hair growth

In a examine revealed within the US Nationwide Library of Medication Nationwide Institutes of Well being, pH ranges in shampoos and the way it can have an effect on hair progress and breakage was investigated.

The examine famous: “Dermatologists most incessantly prescribe shampoos for the therapy of hair shed and scalp issues.

“Prescription of hair care merchandise is usually centered on bettering scalp hair density, whereas the over-the-counter merchandise deal with hair injury prevention.

“Alkaline pH might improve the detrimental electrical cost of the hair fibre floor and, due to this fact, improve friction between the fibres and this may occasionally result in cuticle injury and fibre breakage.”

As ACV has a excessive acidity, it might assist preserve the pH steadiness, thus making hair smoother, stronger, and rising hair progress.

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