How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

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Some people want the jolt of a cold shower to get up within the morning, or a warm bath to relax at night time. Others, like folks with dry skin, solely bathe each couple of days once they begin to odor B.O. How ceaselessly you rub-a-dub-dub is completely a matter of non-public desire.

However bathing apart, how typically do you have to wash your hair?

Lengthy hair? Quick hair? Bald? It doesn’t matter — your physique produces a waxy/oily substance called sebum from its sebaceous glands, that are additionally discovered in your scalp. This naturally oily substance spreads in your hair follicles to guard your locks.

Hair will get soiled, and even barely smelly, identical to the remainder of our physique. Shampoo incorporates cleansing agents — mainly, detergents — that clear impurities off your hair.

Usually these cleaning brokers are known as sulfates or surfactants. They cleanse every little thing from smoke to useless pores and skin cells out of your mane. However, these detergents additionally strip your hair of its pure oils. So whereas shampooing does clear your hair, it could additionally make your hair and scalp dry AF.

Nope. Numerous folks bathe day by day and shampoo their hair out of behavior. However that doesn’t imply it’s good for hair well being.

Shampooing an excessive amount of dries out your hair and scalp. It’s stripping these oils off, bear in mind? Your hair and scalp want these pure oils for that shine and bounce you crave.

As a result of overshampooing, some folks discover that their hair more and more produces extra oil over time. WTF? When your hair will get too dry, it’s consistently replenishing itself with that pure oil.

How typically you must wash your hair completely varies. Right here are some things to think about:


How a lot sebum is secreted from our sebaceous glands completely varies. When you’ve got oily hair (which is really an oily scalp) that appears greasy by the tip of the day, certain, go forward and shampoo extra typically.

Hair sort

Your hair type issues, too. Nice, skinny hair will must be washed extra typically than thick, curly hair. Right here’s how to determine what hair sort you have got:

Your sweatiness and exercise degree

Understanding makes you sweat, even in your scalp — therefore why your do seems to be a liiiittle greasy after a spin class. (Permit us to introduce you to your new BFF, dry shampoo.)

Nevertheless, people aren’t meant to dwell on dry shampoo alone. For those who sweat typically from understanding (or simply, you realize, life), you’ll need to wash your hair and scalp extra typically.

Dust, pollen, and air pollution

Except you’re employed on a development web site or at a flower nursery, you most likely don’t take into consideration this. However mud, dust, pollen, and sadly, air air pollution all get on our hair, and have an effect on how soiled it will get. *searches air purifying plants*

Styling merchandise

Hairspray, styling gel, dry shampoo, hair fragrance… yup, these merchandise construct up and overwhelm your locks. They’ll additionally irritate or damage your scalp. Not shampooing it out, simply makes construct up worse.

There’s no one-size-fits-all method to hair washing, and it’s def value asking your hairstylist for assist in your actual hair sort. Right here’s a handy-dandy information that will help you out work out how typically to scrub your locks:

Nice, flat hair. Nice, flat hair often must be washed each different day. Nice hair tends to look greasy extra simply (no honest!).

Medium thick hair. Medium thickness hair isn’t skinny (duh) and never thick (additionally duh). Wash your medium thickness hair about 2 to three instances per week or so.

Thick hair. Wash thick hair 1 to 2 instances per week. (Thick hair can really feel prefer it takes endlessly to dry, so we really feel for you!)

Wavy hair. Wash wavy hair can sometimes be washed about 2 to three days per week.

Free curly hair. Free curls can look flat in the event that they don’t get sufficient moisture. Wash these locks 2 to three instances per week.

Coiled hair. Coiled hair is available in all differing types. You’ll need to seek the advice of in your curl varieties and subclassifications. Wash your hair 1 to 2 instances per week.

Broken hair. Broken hair often refers to strands that’ve been color-treated and, subsequently, dry. You could possibly wash as occasionally as as soon as per week, so that you don’t dry and injury your hair additional.

Oily hair. As a result of your scalp is producing loads of oil, you’ll prob want to scrub your hair each different day. Professional tip: Attempt utilizing a clarifying shampoo as soon as per week to assist along with your oil.

Possibly you’ve been on a protracted flight or a tenting journey and went a couple of further days with out washing your hair? That’s completely effective. You would possibly really feel gross, however it’s not going to irreparably injury your hair.

Alternatively, deliberately not washing your hair for weeks at a time and solely utilizing dry shampoo may very well be an issue.

Usually, folks ought to go about three days with out washing hair. However the longer you go with out washing your hair, the extra oil, mud, dust, and air air pollution construct up.

Another factor: Any sort of hair can get knotted, tangled, or matted. Detangling spray, water, and conditioner might help loosen the strands up. However matted hair can be a combing downside, not a hygiene one. Ask your hairstylist for assist if the knots or mats are actually unhealthy.

Yup, it’s attainable to scrub your hair an excessive amount of. Listed here are the most important indicators it is advisable to pump the brakes in your hair washing routine.

Dry, brittle hair

Limp, dry hair can generally really feel like hay. It’s robust to model and breaks simply, resulting in knots and tangles. To assist dry hair you also needs to attempt to:

  • Lay off the hairdryer for a bit (or apply it to low).
  • Get omega-3s from salmon or tuna for added shine.
  • Nutritional vitamins like biotin, vitamin A and iron make dry hair look alive.

Dry scalp or dandruff

Do you have got an itchy scalp and small, white flakes in your hair? Congratulations, you may have a dry scalp.

In case your itchy scalp is brought on by crimson, scaly pores and skin joined by bigger white or yellow flakes, you most likely have dandruff. Dandruff and dry scalp are literally two totally different points — dandruff might be brought on by oily hair or a fungus!

To fight dandruff and dry scalp, you possibly can attempt:

  • washing your hair with a moisturizing cleanser
  • brushing your hair to stimulate the scalp
  • giving your scalp a mild therapeutic massage

There’s a pair issues you are able to do to maintain your hair trying nice between washes:

  • Use the correct hairbrush. Your hair follicles want some oil out of your scalp for defense. Your greatest guess’s a pure bristle paddle brush made out of boar bristles.
  • However don’t overbrush! That “100 strokes earlier than mattress” factor is a fable.
  • Hold your hair off your face so it doesn’t are available contact with make-up/sweat/sunscreen. If attainable, pile your hair atop your head in a messy bun or ponytail.
  • Put on a bonnet or silk scarf to sleep. Particularly in case you’re rocking coiled hair, a silk scarf or a bonnet assist in the combat in opposition to friction and breakage.
  • Sleep on clear pillowcases. Hair merchandise and make-up do rub off at night time. Do your laundry!

Cleaning your hair doesn’t need to imply lathering up with shampoo each time. The “no poo methodology,” which suggests forgoing shampoo, can imply utilizing these techniques:


Co-washing means washing your hair with a cleaning conditioner that moisturizes the hair. Co-washing is an particularly fashionable methodology for coiled hair.


If you wish to make just like the “Beatles” and let it’s, merely wash your hair with water — and solely water. That is the best choice for folk who don’t have oily scalps. Use lukewarm water. Sizzling water can result in a dry scalp and itchiness.

“No poo” merchandise

Some hair care manufacturers additionally provide particular cleansers which might be technically not shampoo merchandise, however can get your hair good and clear.

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