how to make lipstick stay on longer

Tips on how to make lipstick keep on longer is a persistent make-up concern, though there are many long-wear choices, together with lip primer, nowadays. Regardless of advances in formulation that makes matte lipstick extra comfy (hello, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution) and long-wear color a bit simpler to put on, a few of us simply wish to put on lipstick that IS creamy, moisturizing and comforting — and ain’t no matte or long-wear is gonna substitute.

There is a basic make-up artist trick for making lipstick keep on longer that entails making use of a layer of lipstick, blotting, then powdering evenly via a layer of Kleenex. However there’s one other model of that trick on the town, and once I first noticed it on-line, I did a double-take: makeup artist Michel Coulombe, Artistry & Training Director at Laura Mercier, utilized powder instantly on the primary layer of lipstick. Whaaa??

Developing on this submit, makeup artist Courtney Bennett, gross sales and training exec at Laura Mercier Canada, demonstrates a few variations of that “new” powder + lipstick method. They work, too, with out messing up the feel of the lipstick and with out making lips really feel dry.

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