How to remove makeup naturally without makeup wipes

  • Conventional make-up wipes are stuffed with preservatives which will trigger breakouts and injury to the pores and skin. 
  • Pure alternate options embody a mixture of olive oil and castor oil, cleansing with honey, and selfmade make-up wipes.
  • A combination of coconut oil, witch hazel, and castor oil is efficient in eradicating long-lasting make-up.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Caroline Aghajanian: I examined three pure methods to take away make-up that folks have really helpful on-line and located the most effective one. I referred to as my pal Nico to attempt my favourite methodology on her pores and skin to see how she likes it.
Nico Reyes: I barely see something!

Caroline: Nico loves make-up and has beforehand tried a bunch of make-up removers, however not a DIY one, so this must be enjoyable. Nico!
Nico: What’s up?
Caroline: Hello!
Nico: Oh, my God, you look so cute along with your new bangs!
Caroline: Thanks, thanks! I really like all of the make-up. I really like the purple lipstick.
Nico: Thanks.

Caroline: So, you understand how I instructed you that I wished to attempt some DIY make-up removers? Nicely, I did quite a bit this week. I attempted three, and I picked my favourite, and I simply wish to see the way you just like the one which I selected.
Nico: Ooh, OK! I’ve by no means DIY’d a make-up remover earlier than.
Caroline: OK, Nico. So, open the e-mail I despatched you with just a few clips of what occurred throughout my DIY assessments.
Nico: Ooh! OK, yeah. It took a number of willpower to not have a look at these yesterday. [laughs] [beep] One second, I actually misplaced my factor. Are you able to resend it another time?
Caroline: Yeah. The Google Drive?
Nico: Maintain on, I am overexposed!
Sydney: You guys are actually good at laptop.
Caroline: We’re so dangerous at laptop!
Nico: I am a really younger computer-savvy particular person. [beep] Right here we go!

Caroline: First, watch how a lot make-up I placed on. I wore my on a regular basis look, with eyeliner, my waterproof eyeliner. I put waterproof mascara. I simply wished issues that have been actually tough. I wore purple lipstick. So what I sometimes would put on each day, just a bit bit greater than that.
Nico: Yeah. It is, like, glam! ‘Trigger you need one thing that is gonna be robust to actually, like, check it out. OK. So, now we’re transferring on to the primary methodology.
Caroline: Sure, the primary methodology, oil cleaning, so open that hyperlink and simply watch the video.
Nico: Ooh! Wow, you’ve got just a little fancy bottle, too.
Caroline: Oil cleaning is a well-liked methodology that I examine on-line the place you combine a mixture of oils relying in your pores and skin sort. I’ve mixture pores and skin, so I took a mix of, like, a one-to-three ratio of castor oil and olive oil for my pores and skin.
Nico: Actually, I’ve by no means heard of this methodology. Like, olive oil on the face? I’ve by no means heard of that. Oh, gosh, I am able to see these things soften off. Oh, my gosh! Oh, no! [laughs] Your eyes! Truly, these 4 little drops to start with did quite a bit.
Caroline: It, like, actually broke up the make-up, however the factor is I had to make use of extra droplets to get every part off. Nico: It appears like there was nonetheless some make-up left over.
Caroline: Yeah, particularly underneath the eyes, and, like, I can odor the olive oil too, clearly, however I did not love that. Additionally, like, once I was washing it off, I feel it was actually exhausting to get the entire oil off with the water and, like, my cleanser, however general it did a very good job. I can see why folks like this methodology.
Nico: All proper, what is the subsequent methodology?

Caroline: So, the following methodology is definitely simply honey. It is bizarre.
Nico: Simply honey?
Caroline: Yeah, yeah.
Nico: Sticky honey?
Caroline: Sticky honey, precisely. I knew, like, I simply felt like this one was gonna be dangerous, however I gave it an opportunity as a result of I learn that honey has, like, a number of anti-inflammatory properties and it is good for the pores and skin, and particularly in case you have delicate pores and skin, so I used to be like, let’s give it a attempt. So pull up that clip and let me know what you assume.
Nico: Oof. OK, I do not know if I am prepared for this one. [laughs] I am stressed watching you. Oh, God!
Caroline: It was, like, so sticky, after which it bought into my eye, and it was so irritating. OK, that is it. You realize what? It is burning. [groans] OK. I am gonna depart it on for, like, 5, 10 minutes, except my eyes fall off.
Nico: Oh, no! It does not even seem like something’s coming off. It simply appears such as you put, like, a shiny piece of Saran wrap in your face.
Caroline: The trick is you retain it in your pores and skin for about 5 to 10 minutes, and should you see, it is sort of, like, this bizarre texture.
Nico: It appears like reptile pores and skin. You realize what I imply?
Caroline: Yeah, like I am shedding my make-up.
Nico: Yeah, that is actually what it appears like. That is nuts. Oh, whoa, quite a bit got here off.
Caroline: Yeah.
Nico: However I nonetheless really feel like there’s extra in your face than with the olive oil-castor oil one.
Caroline: It might work for some folks. For me it did not work, and I did not need you to undergo the identical factor that I used to be going by, however it tasted yummy. I really feel like I ate my purple lipstick with the honey on prime.
Nico: All proper, so the honey wasn’t the favourite, so which means this subsequent one, the final one, needs to be it.

Caroline: Sure. OK, so, my favourite DIY make-up remover is making make-up wipes with coconut oil, castor oil, and witch hazel. So go forward and pull up that clip.
Nico: Ooh! OK, let’s have a look at… all proper, press play.
Caroline: Sure.
Nico: Right here we go.
Caroline: So, I combined every part collectively in a glass jar, and I added some cotton rounds in there, and a few folks say you may put, like, vitamin E or important oils, however because the witch hazel I used had rose in it I believed that was OK. Truly, the unique recipe was to make use of castile cleaning soap as a substitute of castor oil, however I tousled there, however it labored wonderful.
Nico: Wow! Oh, my God, you simply took your mascara off and it actually all got here off in, like, one dab.
Caroline: It actually, actually broke down all the attention make-up after which additionally the lips, like, immediately.
Nico: Wow, this one is certainly working means higher than the opposite two. It is simply sooner.

Caroline: So, I instructed you to get all these substances, and I am gonna information you thru the best way to make it, and we’re gonna see the way it works in your face.
Nico: Sure, OK. Witch hazel, castor oil, coconut oil, and just a little teeny-tiny jar. Oh, and my cotton rounds. So, do I’ve to warmth this up? This coconut oil could be very agency.
Caroline: Oh. OK, so, the one I purchased was, like, unrefined and natural, so as soon as I put it, it was sort of agency, not, like, too exhausting, however as soon as I combined it collectively it sort of, like, melted.
Nico: It looks like it is whippy [laughs] in there. Like, it is not completely agency, so I really feel like we may be OK. However let me go seize, I do have measuring spoons. Be proper again.
Caroline: Cool.
Nico: Spoons. Steven right here.
Caroline: Cute!
Nico: She desires to assist.
Caroline: So, let’s begin with placing 2 teaspoons of coconut oil within the jar.
Nico: OK, so, I’ve bought my little mason jar right here. 2 teaspoons, you stated.
Caroline: Wait, how large is that? That appears like quite a bit.
Nico: [laughs] Is that this quite a bit?
Caroline: I feel that is quite a bit.
Nico: How’s this? 2 teaspoons?
Caroline: Yeah, that is about 2 teaspoons. I like that.
Nico: Gross. [laughs] And I used to be studying, I really feel like I learn this so way back, that coconut oil can clog pores, so I am, like, just a little nervous to make use of this.
Caroline: Yeah, so, I learn just a little bit about that too, and it might, and it is not nice for acne-prone pores and skin, however I’ve learn that it is also good with regards to, like, eradicating make-up, and it is higher if it is, like, natural coconut oil or unrefined and, like, chilly processed, which is the sort that I used, so I feel it must be OK. I attempted it just a few days in the past, and I have not acquired any breakouts, and I’ve oily pores and skin and I get, like, breakouts usually, so for me it labored OK. However should you expertise something, then it might be the results of the coconut oil. Wonderful. After which 1 teaspoon of castor oil.
Nico: 1 teaspoon castor. This castor oil is definitely lavender scented.
Caroline: Oh, good.
Nico: May add just a little one thing good.
Caroline: Yeah, so you may have, like, just a little little bit of important oil in there too.
Nico: Now I am nervous as a result of my spoons are the unsuitable dimension. About that a lot?
Caroline: Yeah, that appears good. So, it is nearly just like the oil-cleansing methodology, however we’re including witch hazel, after which, I’ve, like, seen witch hazel in so many DIY treatments. Like, it is good for zits, I’ve learn, and likewise it is, like, a pure face cleaner, so I feel what’s actually working right here on this remover, is the witch hazel.
Nico: You assume that is the key ingredient?
Caroline: I feel that is the key ingredient.
Nico: 2 tablespoons of this?
Caroline: Yeah, so barely bigger than the final two.
Nico: All proper. I am gonna go freaking quick. It is, like, that sort of consistency?
Caroline: Yeah, I like that consistency. That is what I had too.
Nico: Cool. OK.
Caroline: OK. Good.
Nico: And now I suppose we add…
Caroline: Yeah, add the cotton rounds.
Nico: Boop! After I truly did my makeup-removers video some time in the past, all people within the feedback was like, “It’s important to attempt coconut oil!” “Why did not you attempt coconut oil?” And I used to be like, “I did not know!” I did not realize it was good. I am gonna get this throughout my new jumpsuit. I can really feel it.
Caroline: It is a cute jumpsuit. I am sorry. I am sorry I made you placed on make-up too, simply to take away it.
Nico: This was probably the most thrilling a part of my day, was placing on make-up to go completely nowhere, are you kidding? I find it irresistible. Double the rounds.
Caroline: Superior.
Nico: Now we’re simply occurring the eyes.
Caroline: Go for it.
Nico: Oh, gosh. And also you simply, like, let it sit for a second?
Caroline: Yeah, I let it sit, after which I began to, like, wiggle it round just a little bit.
Nico: OK.
Caroline: OK.
Nico: Slowly begin transferring it, in little circles, perhaps?
Caroline: Yeah.
Nico: And simply begin massaging this gross mascara. Ooh!
Caroline: Oh!
Nico: All of my eye make-up is just about gone. Nonetheless just a little mascara, however the entire eye make-up is gone! It feels, actually, the one factor that involves thoughts is cooling. Like, it feels so good and funky on my face. It does not really feel as greasy as I believed it could, and I feel that is due to the witch hazel. Like, I used to be anticipating it to be very slippy and slidey, however it does not really feel that means. All proper. Now transferring on to my cheeks.
Caroline: Sure.
Nico: Actually, I am liking this. Like, it seems like just a little facial. The following actual check is gonna be this case. I really feel such as you do run out of actual property on these actually shortly. Like, locations the place it is clear and you have not touched along with your soiled make-up but. However I actually like the way it’s eradicating it to this point. It feels very nice. It is comparable, it is near a make-up wipe. Make-up wipes are positively not as oily, however this one is, I feel, an in depth second. OK. I am making an attempt the lips. I am simply gonna let it sit. OK, now I am gonna scrub. It appears fairly clear! OK, ought to I get a paper towel?
Caroline: Sure, do the paper-towel check.
Nico: I am urgent.
Caroline: Press, press.
Nico: I barely see something! It is, like, the slightest tinge of brown from my basis, however I actually can not see any, like, main make-up spots.
Caroline: Yay! It appears fairly clear to me.
Nico: Appears to be like clear! I am, like, urgent, being like, “No, there’s one thing!” Yeah, I feel I am positively gonna simply do one wash, as a result of I do not know if the coconut oil sitting on my pores and skin in a single day will do something, however you probably did a great job. That is actually good.
Caroline: Thanks, Nico! Thanks for being such a trooper and, like, making an attempt this. I am tremendous excited that you just prefer it. Nico: Thanks for not making me put honey on my face. [Laughs]

Caroline: Bye!
Nico: Wait, have been we hanging up?
Caroline: Wait, no! I believed I used to be – sorry! I do not know the best way to finish these Skype calls as a result of, like, I would like an ending for the video! [beep] Nico, thanks a lot. We’re truly hanging up now. [both laughing]
Nico: OK.
Caroline: That is actually awkward.

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