Weight loss: This is the best exercise to tone your legs and butt

To carry out this train you will want a bench, field, stair or chair.

Step 1: Stand two ft in entrance of a sturdy bench or chair. Your ft needs to be not less than a hip-distance other than one another and the fingers by your facet. Your shoulders and backbone needs to be impartial.

Step 2: Put the toes of your left foot on the bench behind you. Ensure that your proper leg is straight.

Step 3: Now bend your proper knee, squeeze your left glute, and decrease your pelvis in the direction of the bottom. Go down till your entrance thigh is sort of horizontal, however make certain your knee stays instantly over your ankle.

Step 4: Once more press your proper heel into the bottom to straighten your proper knee and full one repetition.

Step 5: Do that train 10 occasions earlier than switching your leg.

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